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Madison, Ohio 44057

“I have learned to live…I live to love…and I love to laugh” … Eileen Findak

Eileen Findak has had a life-long passion for photography. A professional portrait photographer since 1989, she opened her studio in the historic village of Madison, Ohio, in 1995.

Her philosophy reflects an emphasis on emotion and expression; “Portrait photography is about expressing your subject’s personality in a photograph. Expressing an emotion and generating a reaction should be the primary goal of a photographer to achieve a successful portrait. Expensive lighting and fancy cameras are nice, but they are just baubles. A successful portrait can be achieved with any light source and camera.

When the “focus” of Eileen’s art is not on portraits, as a fine art photographer, she can be found traveling to her favorite destination, the world of macro photography.

“Macro photography takes me deep into a world that as a child I could only observe superficially. As I get closer to my subject, reality becomes less recognizable and the images become more and more ethereal. When I am so close that all sense of reality is lost, I am left with only lines, shape and colors. The images become conceptual and evoke an emotion based solely on subconscious feelings. I am transported into a world that is beyond my imagination-A world that functions without knowledge or previous experience. I am only required to allow myself to feel emotion based simply on lines, shapes and colors. For me it is the most tranquil place on earth.
Through the cameras, I see things in everyday life that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. If portrait photography is an expression of my subject’s soul, then macro photography is the expression of my soul. While I consider my two daughters to be my greatest achievement, I consider macro photography to be the ultimate expression of my creativity.”

Eileen leads her workshops with inspiration and enthusiasm, helping students create images that express their journey beyond documentary reality.

Madison, OH 44057
( Lake County, Ohio)

Serving Lake County, Geauga County, Ashtabula County and Northeast Ohio for nearly 25 years.